Online Bill Pay Process

Please visit the website to begin paying your bill
Step 1

To pay your bill online click the 'Pay My Bill' button

Step 1 Online Bill Process - Click 'Pay My Bill' Button
Step 2

Upon clicking the ‘Pay My Bill’ button, a pop-up box will open with a message indicating that you will be redirected to a secure site managed by our payment partner Apex. Click the ‘Continue’ button to go to the secure site.

If you click on the ‘Cancel’ button or the ‘X’ on the top right-hand side, you will remain on the website.

Step 2 Online Bill Process - Online Bill Pay Pop-Up Box

You are now on the payment site.

To proceed further, you will need your unique ‘myEasyMatch’ code, which is located on the front of your paper statement.

When you have that code, you can enroll as a new user where you can make payments and view your past statements or you can make a one-time payment.

Next, we will show you where your ‘myEasyMatch’ code is located.

Step 2a Online Bill Process - Payment Site
Step 2b Online Bill Process - Check myEasyMatch code in Paper Statement
Your myEasyMatch code is placed on two locations on your paper statement.
Step 3

Enter your myEasyMatch code and your zip code and press the ‘Continue’ button.

Step 4

Complete your ‘New User Registration’.

Step 4a Online Bill Process - New User Registration
Step 5

Please verify your email address by confirming the link in your email.

To pay your bill, you need to confirm your email.

This is an important step to complete your registration.

Step 5a Online Bill Process - Confirm Email
Step 6

Please choose your payment amount and select your payment method. You can pay via a credit card or through a bank account.

Step 6a Online Bill Process - Choose Payment Amount
Step 6a Online Bill Process - Credit Card Payment Method
For Credit Card Payments
Step 6 Online Bill Process - Select Bank Payment Method
For paying through your bank account
Step 7

Complete making your payment

Step 7a Online Bill Process - Confirm Payment
Step 7b Online Bill Process - Payment Confirmation
Step 3

Enter your myEasyMatch code and your zip code and press the ‘Continue’ button.

Step 3a Online Bill Process - Enter myEasyMatch code & Zip Code
Step 4

Select the Bill and enter the amount that you would like to pay.

Step 4b Online Bill Process - Select Bill & Amount
Step 5

Complete making your payment

Step 5b Online Bill Process - Complete Making Payment

General Information

If you have questions, please refer to the FAQ section on our website under Patient Resources or the ‘Help’ section on Apex’s website.
General Info - FAQ Section Under Patient Resources
You can sign up for AutoPay and view your statements online once you have logged in.
General Info - View Statements Online with AutoPay
Under Account Settings, you can securely store a credit card in mySecureWallet for convenient payments later.
General Info - Store a Credit Card in mySecureWallet
Sign up to get text messages every time you have a new statement.
General Info - Receive a Text Message when Statement is Ready